We are driven by innovation, and believe our city can be made better with an efficient, safe and environmentally-focused public transport system.

Charter Hire.

Looking for Christchurch bus rental or coach hire? When you have a group, and you need to get them to a special destination, to an event or to go on a tour, we will get you there in comfort, style and safety.

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Our services.

We offer a wide range of both public transport and charter bus service, which include Akaroa shuttle, cruise ship services, Oxford service, our rugby express, and new electric buses - all driven by innovation, and a desire to make our city even better.

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Advertise with Red Bus.

Bus advertising that takes your budget further. Outside, it’s a billboard on wheels. Inside, you have an audience with the time to absorb your messaging. Whether you're behind a bus back or sitting at the back of the bus, Red Bus advertising drives the message home, and to work, and to the shops…

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Students planting for the future

About 50 high school and intermediate students, who are members of Christchurch School Strike 4 Climate, will take part in a voluntary planting effort(external link) at Pūharakekenui/Styx River Loop Conservation Park on Sunday 18 August.

Red Bus is transported the students to and from the site to reduce their carbon footprint.


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